Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


1: BRAin me∟╤

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I was stone cold dead for 30 minutes. The people around me told me I was dead for 40 minutes. But I was awake for 10 minutes and it took 40 minutes for the ambulance to get to where I was. I remember everything that happened in that 30 minutes and I have to tell you what really happens to you when you die. My life force or spirit or soul, what ever you call it, is a form of energy. My energy left my physical body and all that was left of me was my subconscious. No body, like no eye's total darkness, no ears no sound, no brain no memory or fore thought. Just a wonderful feeling, then I came back to life and scared the crap out of every one that was around my dead body. I started to tell what just happened to me and got labeled the devil.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009


Earth is a popular destination for space tourists. If you had the ability to fly between stars, you would check out the little blue planet with the strange creatures on it too!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Life is a form of energy. energy doesn't die. it just changes form and/or direction.

the idea of god food comes from the distant origin theory(the idea that "god" planted a virus to evolve into life). the fact is, we evolved from a virus over a couple of billion years, this virus is free floating in space as we speak, and it has the ability to evolve into a biped with opposing thumbs and is the basis of all carbon-based life. when we and all the other carbon based life grow up, and die, our energy is consumed as god food.

the division of the cell creates energy. this energy the cell creates is called life. as we were taught in physics class energy doesn't die it only changes form and/or direction.

when something dies and it's energy evolves to the next plane of existence or the reason it's there in the first place is to eat something else because big fish eat little fish.

the reason the virus (that evolves into carbon based life) exists in the universe is because god planted it there like a farmer plants a field to grow into life form energy for it's consumption. god would just happen to be the biggest fish in the sea, the sea being the multitude of universes because if the universe is infinite the number of universes is also infinite, you can't have one without the other.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A trip

I think I'll start with going around and around a p.t.o. shaft in a large tractor powered potato digging machine and thinking "I get to find out what it's like to be dead!" OK. Working on such machines while they are running is a bad idea, not mine, wearing loose fitting clothing around moving parts was my fault. Shit happens I got damaged, busted this and broken that. when I woke up under the digger I had a memory of eternity that is with me today, years after this event, I'm still trying to figure this this out, what it means. I smoke cannabis to relieve pain and let me get on with life. I've been jailed for growing my own. I think everybody has the right to smoke what they want. I guess i have an excuse to smoke cannabis. I'll get to that later. I consider myself an expert on cannabis. I've read everything I could, yes I've figured a few things out.I would like to grow all I can! I was in a motorcycle crash one year and one day before the digger event. As I stated before shit happens. my brother and cousin found me dead beside my busted bike. My brother shook me and I was alive again. I'm told I was dead for a minute, in a coma for a month and walked around in a daze for a couple of months and all I remember is standing in front of our T.V. and saying "such shows are controlling how we think!" When I was going around and around I was thinking I'll remember this time and yes "it's" with me today.
Cannabis is important to me. it seems to make me feel closer to a bigger picture. thinking of this i read up on christ and christening oil from the old testament and this brought me to the ingredients of holy anointing oil and it's active ingredient "kena bossom" or hemp incense. I think everybody could be assisted by trying this. The buds these guys made their oil out of must have been top grade for Jesus to talk to god and all that. I've found cannabis helps me live with chronic pain and I feel this is my excuse. I had my neck and my back broken when the digger crunched me up, along with both my legs and my right arm and half my ribs.

Something that i can't explain very well, happened to me while going around and around. On the fourth or fifth time around the p.t.o. (power take-off) shaft under the digger. i or my mind and not my brain or any other part of my body left this, where we are and went somewhere else. i felt like i was in the best of places, existing as pure energy , very peaceful and perfect. I then woke up face down in potato dirt, and I asked the digger driver what's happening, he says "there will be an ambulance here soon".

On September 11...... 1984, I got to ride in a helicopter, to Halifax. Now I'm sitting here smoking a bowl full and thinking, that's a while ago but I can still remember the feeling I had when I was there, the other or next place we seem to go after death. I was later told that I was left for dead for a while, some say 40 others say 20 minutes. I remember eternity, that seems like a tiny little bit of something really really big.If I'm really high on some top grade cannabis, it feels like that place.

I've seen a few UFO's in my lifetime. the first was in 1970. My brothers and sisters and our babysitter saw a flying saucer like craft come very close to the back of the house. while walking from Victoria to Hampton with my brother Shane in Feb. 1988 we saw one erratic flying light, impossibly a plane or helicopter, watched it for ten minutes and then it took off. In the next fall Shane and I and two friends saw two at the same time fly by. In1990 my brother Trent and I and two of our friends seen a flying craft that was very large and very close. As we stopped at a park to roll a few and we saw lights moving very slow over our heads. Before we got anything rolled, we set down what we were doing and hopped out of my friends car and moved out into the park to get a better look at it. It slowly rotated and headed east and up at about 40 degrees or so from P.E.I. to northern Russia! As we saw it was leaving, we hopped in the car and followed it up a hill with a 600 foot T.V. tower in it's path, as it passed this tower it was about as wide as the tower was tall. As it moved in this direction it sped up, the farther it went the faster it went. Above us it was very big and when it was tiny it disappeared from sight. I know we are not alone in this universe. We seem to have distant cousins in this universe. According to some genetic similarities with some of these space people. This brings me to the theory of the existence of gods as aliens from somewhere else. I would like to talk to some of these people from somewhere else about cannabis. I would like to know what the connection is between god and cannabis and anything they know about eternity and other planes of existence.